Photograph critique service

Photography is a very popular and satisfying hobby.  Most of us start with snap shots of family, holidays and events.  Then comes the urge to do something more - to make pictures that stand up in their own right.  So, you have taken a picture that you are quite pleased with - is it any good?  Giving an opinion on our own work is very hard to do dispassionately.  Friends will tell you your picture is "nice".  What you need to develop your technique is an opinion from someone with no emotional investment in either the picture or the photographer.

This is where I can help.  I have forty-odd years experience of photography - both film and digital - and have exhibited in a number of galleries.  I understand what makes a good photograph, both aesthetically and technically.

I can now offer a service where I can tell you what is good with your photographs and suggest areas where you can improve them.  The cost is £10.00 to have up to five photographs critiqued.  If appropriate, I will produce "improved" versions of your pictures to illustrate my comments.

To take advantage of this offer, click on the Paypal button below to pay the £10.00 fee and then click HERE to send the five photographs to me. The photographs should be in either JPEG, TIFF, PSD or XCF formats (if in doubt, use JPEG).

Response time is usually within a week but I do not guarantee any time scale.

Critique up to five photographs

If you would like a sample of a typical critique, send a request HERE with "critique sample" in the subject line and I will reply with a sample critique.

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